At this point in time, I am gauging interest in workshops. With the plan to hold one Friday the 29th of April between 7-8pm AEST.

These will be run online (platform to be confirmed either zoom, insta or another 3rd party provider) 

In these early stages, you will need your own items of the following to participate

- ecrylimer

you can buy a starter kit from Bramblier if you haven't got anything yet!

use this link to get $5 off your first order

- mold/s

-nitrile gloves

-measuring jug

- scales

- pigments

-stirring apparatus (ie. mechanical or paddle pop sticks for hand)

- paper towels

- table top cover (if you want to protect your surface)

-computer with internet access, good camera and lighting (so i can see what you're doing and help!) headphones would also be a good idea if you have bluetooth ones

Due to these being 'tester' workshops it will be limited to 5 people per workshop at a discounted rate of $25pp. You will be required to then also submit a testimonial and provide any feedback you might have for me. Please note this will not the price of workshops going forward. This discounted rate is because i am trialling workshops and formats and require your input!

The agenda -

1 hour long


-mixing and pouring

-while waiting for our pieces to set we can have question time (around 30 mins)

- demolding

This workshop will not cover sanding or sealing, unless a question is asked during question time that I am able to answer.

This workshop would be well suited to those who are just starting out with ecrylimer and are yet to master the craft. Or, if you have lots of questions you want to ask someone about working with the product. Or if you're advanced, just come along to hang out and meet like minded folk!

Please note, I will not be sharing any of my unique marbling techniques.

To register your interest please fill out a contact us form on this website with the subject - workshop EOI and you will be contacted in the near future.

Can't wait to work with y'all.