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Kassy King Designs

Bloom 2.0 Big Cloud Dish

Bloom 2.0 Big Cloud Dish

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Bloom 2.0 Big Cloud Dish is a stylish, playful and eye-catching accessory for any home. Its bold, colourful design is sure to draw attention, yet the dish is sturdy and highly durable. It's a super cute way trinkets and other keepsakes. Perfect for any décor.

Each piece is unique and we cannot guarantee you will receive an item exactly identical to what is that shown online. Colours and swirls shown are a guide only.tos.


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23 cm H x 16cm W x 2cm D 

About the materials


About the Materials

At Kassy King Designs, I put my heart and soul into crafting each piece using a VOC-free (yes, that means no bad toxins) casting compound. It's all about creating beautiful, sustainable art without any harmful stuff involved.

Now, here's the exciting part - because of the nature of this magical material, your piece will have its own unique charm. Embrace the quirks like bubbles, color variations, and delightful differences in levels or finishes. It's like owning a work of art that tells its own story.

Rest assured, I inspect every single piece to ensure top-notch quality and longevity. Your Kassy King piece is built to stand the test of time and become a treasured part of your life.

Oh, and did I mention? Each piece is sealed with a water-resistant sealer, giving it an extra boost of strength and durability. So, go ahead and enjoy your stunning creation without worry.

For more information about the materials or any other inquiries, feel free to check the FAQ page or reach out via the contact form :)


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