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Candles for Stackable Candle Holder

Candles for Stackable Candle Holder

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Do you have one of the stackable candle holders and need a replacement candle? Or would like an extra with your order? 
candles as shown here

only white candle included. No pieces

I trim the bottoms of these myself so the bottom May not be exactly level. 

Grab them here!

Stop burning candle 2-3cm before bottom. 

Dripless & Smoke less - refer to below instructions on how to burn these tapers

**Trim wick to 6mm before lighting and keep candle away from wind draughts to avoid dripping/smoking**


Colour: White

Width: 1.6cm wide

Dripless Lead Free Wicks

Approx. 8 hours burn time.

Made in Australia