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Colour Changing Marble Skin Care Tray

Colour Changing Marble Skin Care Tray

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ok so like, I love a happy accident. I wanted to see if I could use this colour changing material I had in these products and guess what!? It worked!

The colour changing part is blue and becomes purple in the sunlight! Now this only has so many lifetimes of changes.....there is no definite number of sunlight exposures or length of exposure but one day it will stay purple. Which is fine by me cause these colours all look cute together and until then you have a badass colour changing piece!

the photos show some of the pieces in mid colour change! They’re such fascinating products. Never look the same twice 

Use for your skin care regime, candle holder, jewellery....I dunno what other cute stuff do you own? Put it on this!

In stock, ready to ship in 1-2 business days

Size: 18x10x2cm

Ecrylimer is a luxurious eco-friendly casting compound that is created by a brand Bramblier in Tasmania.

Bubbles are all part of the individuality of these materials and its natural process of turning from a powder form to a solid material. Colours vary from millimetre to millimetre, piece to piece. As your item is hand made by me, variations will occur, marks, levels may all occur. Colours may also differ from what you see on your screen due to differences in displays. Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions before purchasing

Sealed with a water resistant sealer so it is safe in wet areas as long as it’s not continuously exposed to large amounts of water as this may damage the product. It has a luxurious finished feel, it's somewhere between resin and concrete, lighter than concrete but just as strong and better for the environment than resin.