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Mystery Box of Stackable Candle Holder Set of 6

Mystery Box of Stackable Candle Holder Set of 6

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Say hello to your new fave activity, stackable candle holders!

I will curate a stunning set of 6 pieces for you and not only will you stack them whichever way you want but it'll be a surprise when it arrives! Images are for examples only, you may not receive what is photographed.

You can stack them any way you chose! One candle is included (buy more or refills via single candle listing). 

As the candle burns down take pieces off, add others back on, it's a fluid piece of art for your space. You could even buy a second candle and have two stacks of three, it's SO versatile! I would recommend grabbing something to sit all the pieces on as you take them off, to help keep them organised and saved from being lost. A matching skin care tray or round dish would do the trick!

These make great gifts and from what I could tell selling them in person at the markets folks LOVE standing there building and unbuilding their stack over and over again. As my mum said "like blocks but for adults!". Many people commented on how fun it was!

As I lovingly hand craft multiples of these in my home, the one you receive will be a truly unique reiteration of the colours and patterns displayed in the photos.

*these do not fit the nordtrice colourful candles*


Now for the important things - These must be placed on a steady, level and secure surface, the pieces are in no way linked together to provide stability. It is important you ensure it is stable prior to lighting the candle.

Do not leave candle to burn unsupervised. While the pieces are heat resistant up to a crazy high temperature an open flame can discolour your product. Melting wax is fine and should wipe right off.

This is not a toy, please supervise children when candle is burning.

Make sure to use a wider based piece for the bottom to help with stability.

I cut the candles myself, so they're varying lengths.



Made to order, please allow 5-10 business days for your order to be made. 

Sizes vary based on pieces but the candle opening is for a 1.6cm wide candle.

About the materials

I craft each piece from a VOC free (that means no bad toxins), casting compound.


The nature of this product means there may be unique attributes in every piece such as bubbles, colour variations and differences in levels or finishes. Each product is inspected for quality with the intent it will last you a lifetime.

Each piece is sealed with a water-resistant sealer which also increases the pieces strength and durability. For more information on the products water-resistance capabilities please see the FAQ’s page.


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Hand Made, Forever Quality

Your pieces are hand made, by me, in my studio in Newcastle, New South Wales, Australia. Designed for a good time AND a long time, your piece should last you a lifetime.