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White Mini Platter

White Mini Platter

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Clear Resin mini platter white swirled throughout in a matte finish. There's a couple of differing colours in the edges from previous pours. Make sure you check them in the photo to make sure you still love it :))))

Mini platters are the perfect size to catch your jewellery on your bedside table at night or display your favourite candle *

I have made multiples but only photographed one, yours may look slightly different to the one pictured 

In stock ready to ship 1-2 business days 

Size 11 x 11cm 


Resin is a multipurpose well known material. Bubbles are all part of the individuality of resin and its natural process of turning from two liquid parts to form a solid material. Colours vary from millimetre to millimetre, piece to piece. As your item is hand made by me, variations will occur. Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions before purchasing.

* Please note if using resin for candles do not let the open flame near the resin as it will melt or catch fire. It is best to use for decorative purposes if you're unable to keep an eye on the candle flame.