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Beginners Starter Kit

Beginners Starter Kit

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Ever looked at my website or my insta and gone.....I can make that! or maybe you've gone......I'd love to try that! Well, now is your chance! 

Introducing Ecrylimer Starter Kits from Bramblier. It's no secret that this is the material I use to make all my creations, I literally tag them in every post. I have found Ecrylimer such an easy AND fun material to work with I think almost anyone can give it a try. 

Especially if you have a love for the colours I use, not that it's ever been a secret but they're all pigments from Bramblier and some of those colours are included in this starter kit.

Not only that but you can also purchase a one on one 1 hour session with me, conducted via zoom (please make sure you have all the requirements you need to attend this prior to purchasing) These sessions will be held on evenings during the week or during the day on weekends. We can book at time after your purchase.

Please make sure you have adequate lighting and sound available for the session including a stable internet connection.

Or if you wanna jump right in and get started without me, get a kit! it has everything you need to get started.

I have everything you need to get started in this exciting "taster sized" kit that makes 3 coasters and 2 oval trays!


We have everything you need to get started in this exciting "taster sized" kit that makes 6 coasters!


Get creative with a shell starter Ecrylimer Kit - Includes

- 250g Liquid and 625g of Base Powder (1:2.5 ratio)

- 1 Round coaster mold as pictured 

- 3 X 5mls of pigments (you only need a drop or 2!)

- 2 X cups

- 2 X Wooden Mixers

- 1 X Pair of Nitrile Gloves

- Complete instructions

All packed into a lovely pink box and nestled in tissue paper - makes a great gift option!

Note -  pigments may change from the photo pictured.


Note - the finished product is a very matte unglazed ceramic look - if you wish to further enhance accent the colours we suggest using a clear Carnauba wax as a top coat (Gilly's brand is recommended).


    • ENJOY AN INDUSTRY-LEADING FORMULA with a buttery smooth pour with virtually no bubbles for a super-smooth set on both sides with minimal sanding
    • SAFE formula - great for kids!
    • DEMOLD the oval tray in 40-50 minutes or less but get a LONGER WORKING TIME to be more creative.
    • EXPERIMENT FEARLESSLY with new design ideas – Ecrylimer is an easy-to-use, pigment-friendly eco casting composite that lets you get more done, faster