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SECONDS Iridescent Resin Skin Care Tray

SECONDS Iridescent Resin Skin Care Tray

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These are a seconds product and are being sold at a discounted rate for the reason below. 

they have uneven bottoms so can be a little wobbly. Not ideal for use with a candle but wouldn’t notice it with your jewellery or skin care.

If you do not want a wobbly one please buy a full priced one!

Clear Resin skin care tray filled with iridescent filling and cutie bubbles that both sparkle! So charming. Looks stunning in the light and changes colours based on what it's sitting on. 

This would be perfect if you could place it somewhere it could get natural light, that's when she really shines!

Use it to place your jewellery on, your hair claw before bed, a candle or by the basin for your skin care routine. 

As I lovingly hand craft multiples of these in my home, the one you receive will be a truly unique reiteration of the colours and patterns displayed in the photos.



In stock, ready to ship in 1-2 business days



18cm x 10cm x 2cm

About the materials

Made from resin that is water proof and food safe!

The nature of this product means there may be unique attributes in every piece such as bubbles, colour variations and differences in levels or finishes. Each product is inspected for quality with the intent it will last you a lifetime.

**if you're using this piece for burning a candle, do not let it burn to the point where it may be exposed to open flame. An open flame will melt, damage or even cause the resin to catch fire. Please ensure you only burn candles while you can supervise them and avoid wind gusts and draughts that might cause the open flame to come into contact with the resin