Hello friend! 

Welcome to my brain. It’s always filled with millions of different ideas and this creative outlet is a way for me express and share those ideas. 

Every item is hand made by me, in my not so spare bedroom on Awabakal Country/Newcastle, NSW, Australia. 

Each and every item is different, I measure colours with my heart (the way you should also measure garlic), No two pieces, will ever, could never be the same. 

Bubbles are all part of the individuality of the materials and its natural process of turning from a powder form to a solid material. Colours vary from millimetre to millimetre, piece to piece. As your item is hand made by me, variations will occur, marks, differing levels may all occur. You may receive one that looks different from the one in the photos as I cannot repeat a lot of the designs exactly. 

As a recovering perfectionist, this craft has forced me outside of my comfort zone. Like, it’s almost completely impossible to hand make these items “perfectly”, much to my dismay, I am not a robot. So letting go of that and accepting each piece and it’s stunning uniqueness has allowed me to accept myself in this way also. 

My hope is that by creating pieces that are unique, they’ll transcend trends and you’ll keep them a lifetime, rather than replace it when the next fad hits TikTok (yay for the environment). 

Thank you for stopping by, every purchase makes my little heart sing and lets me keep doing what I love. 

Kassy King, would like to acknowledge the traditional custodians of the land on which we live and work. We would also like to pay respect to the Elders past, present and future. 

Hope I can have a product in your home soon.

Kassy :)