How are your pieces made?


I make them all! Just lil ol’ me.

All the pieces are hand made in my home using resin, concrete and Ecrylimer from Australian businesses. I try to support local when I can.


Can I order a custom product?


While I am limited by the shapes I currently have for sale, the colour options are endless! I am happy to chat with you to see if I can create something custom for you.

Please note all custom orders need to be paid in full at time of ordering. From order to shipping may be up to 1 week so please order ahead of time if it is a time sensitive gift.


Do you do wholesale products?


Heck yeah, get in contact. Let’s chat.


Are my products water proof?


Concrete pieces are sealed with a natural finish sealant that is water and stain resistant with UV damage minimising properties. 

Your resin product is inherently waterproof, much more ideal if you want something next to the hand basin. 

Ecrylimer products are coated with a water resistant sealer. While it is safe to occasionally get your product wet (think coasters), it is reccomened that you don't keep it in a space where it will continually be wet with no time to dry out. This may damaged the quality of your product.

None of the products are dishwasher or oven safe. 


I’ve spilt something on my product how to I clean it?

Concrete & Ecrylimer

Concrete and Ecrylimer products such as skin care trays or large dishes have been sealed with a water resistant sealer, but it is a great idea that if something is to spill on your piece (particularly oil or abrasive products) that you wipe it down with a damp cloth and a non-abrasive cleaner such as dishwashing liquid as soon as possible.


Resin is pretty chill, a wipe down should do the trick. Remove any coloured oils asap as these may stain the product.



Can I use my piece for eating from?

All resin products are food safe, snack away!

Concrete and Ecrylimer pieces have not been tested to confirm food safety standards, so please do not eat food placed on the products. If you do with to use your piece as a platter, please place a food safe product such as, baking paper, on the piece before placing food on it.

Will my piece have bubbles in it?

 It’s very much inevitable in all pieces, it is one of the unique and most beautiful characteristics of handmade products.

 All products can have bubbles, variations in edges, colour differences and other unique characteristics that come with a handmade process. None of these things, if present, will not structurally compromise your product and are just a part of the beautiful (and long) handmade process.


How strong are your products?


Resin is a hard plastic and is very strong once fully cured. It would take a big drop onto a hard surface to damage your resin piece. In saying that, look after it just in case.

Resin however, is susceptible to the hot sun. If your resin piece is not stored flat and is subjected to heat and/or direct sunlight it may warp. It is advised if you cannot store your product flat keep away from heat and direct sunlight.

If your product does warp, carefully apply some heat and gently move it back into position. 

Concrete and Ecrylimer, like other items in your home (think plates and bowls) are fragile. I do use a high strength concrete and mix in extra strengthening fibres and Ecrylimer sets to a very hard strength. However, handle with care and treat gently to be safe.  

Can I burn candles on your products?

Both concrete and Ecrylimer pieces are heat resistant to very high temperatures so it is safe to use these as candle vessels.

Resin, when exposed to an open flame may melt or even catch fire. It is important if you're going to use your resin piece as a candle vessel that you keep an eye on it, do not leave it to burn unattended. It your candle is getting low it would be wise to switch it out. Wax is fine, open flame.....bad.

My product has arrived broken, what do I do?!

Firstly, don't panic.....we can fix this!

While I take great care and make every effort to ensure your product arrives safely, sometimes accidents can happen in transit. If this has happened to you, please get in contact via Instagram or the contact page on my website ASAP so I can help resolve this.


Please capture photos of the box and the damaged item so if it is a problem to do with transport, I can claim it back on insurance.


Do you accept returns?


Under Australian law you’re entitled to a repair, replacement, or refund if your item is faulty. What would be deemed as faulty generally won’t make it to my website. If you believe your item is faulty however, please get in touch so we can rectify this for you.


As stated above, items will be differing heights, colours, textures and so on, please make sure you’re ok with this before purchasing as this is not considered faulty.


I am a very small person and business if you have any questions before buying, please reach out, I am more than happy to answer your questions to ensure you’re going to be happy with your purchase.


However, if your item/s arrives and you’re like REALLY unhappy with it, I will accept your return. Please get in contact to arrange the return with me before starting this process.


The cost of return postage is your responsibility in full, and you need to ensure the item is packaged correctly for safe return. I recommend tracking the item and adding insurance, as lost or damaged in transit due to packaging or transit handling, will not be refunded.


Once the item arrives back to me safe and in one piece and original condition, I will refund your purchase, minus the cost of shipping you paid for your order originally.

If the item comes back used or damaged, no refunds will be given.